Backup and Disaster Recovery

Recover your data quickly with the disaster recovery services we offer

Protect your Valuable Data with our
Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster comes in many forms, and if the time ever comes when your business needs to recover from a disaster whether it be a natural disaster, technological failure or cybercrime, it is imperative to have the best disaster recovery solution in place. Disaster recovery services offered by Connected 360 keeps your data intact, thus making it easy for businesses to recover from a disaster quickly.

Cloud Backup

Our Cloud Backup solutions are completely flexible and can be tailored to your particular business needs. We offer a variety of different retention periods and recovery options. Our Cloud Backup is safe and secure and is 100% on Canadian Soil.


Our Disaster Recovery Services

Our Disaster and Recovery plan keeps your infrastructure protected and can be up and running in within one hour should disaster strike. We can setup your business with a full cloud hosted system with remote access to all your servers, data and applications, keeping your business up and running until your issue is resolved.

Steps taken after Disaster

Complete peace of mind knowing that our tried and tested disaster recovery plan is backed by a team of experts that specialize in saving the day! You can rest assured knowing that we will work relentlessly to get your systems up and running. With our DR (Disaster Recovery) plan, we can quickly virtualize your systems, and minimize downtime, getting you back to business.

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Be prepared when Disaster Strikes.

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