Get simple backup and disaster recovery solutions

Connected 360 provides simple business data backup solutions to small businesses to help them reduce the risk of any potential downtime. Our business continuity and disaster recovery plans can help you prepare for potentially disruptive events. We believe that reliable data backup solutions at hand enhance an organization’s ability to continue business operations with little or no disruption and minimize the risk of disaster.

Our priorities as your business data backup provider

Our top priority is to ensure that all the crucial data of your business is secured and to minimize the risk of potential data security breaches.

Ensuring that you have a proper disaster recovery plan in place to get back to normal operations quickly without damaging vital business functions.

Using cloud computing to store and save your data so that you can access data and applications online anywhere at any time.

How can our Business Data Backup Solutions help your business?

Connected 360 has a professional team of IT experts who will provide you with tailored data backup and recovery solutions. Connected 360 aims to maintain your business continuity by minimizing downtime caused by unexpected incidents. We provide different data backup solutions according to the business needs, including private and public cloud computing services that ensure your data remains safe and secured from any data breaches.

Backup Solutions

Connected 360 provides various cloud-based backup solutions depending on your business needs. With us, you can get

  • Quick restoration of all business data when operating systems fail.
  • Hybrid cloud-based solutions to have a solid data backup. 
  • Reliable replication of your data

Disaster Recovery

Collaborate with Connected 360 and get

  • Simple and reliable disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to reduce the risk of security breaches.
  • A clear roadmap with our personalized disaster recovery plans to allow your business to continue its operations without worrying about downtime.

Cloud-Based Backup

Get simple cloud-based backup with us and enjoy

  • 24/7 access to data stored in the cloud with continuous and reliable data protection.
  • Simplified management of comprehensive data infrastructure with centralized cloud backup.

Business Continuity

You can maintain your business continuity by restoring access to your business data. With us:  

  • We help businesses keep running and support critical processes with a well-organized business continuity plan. 
  • You can get a proper business continuity plan that gives you an edge over competitors.

You can enjoy these benefits with our Business Data Backup Solutions

Need Custom Business Data Backup Solutions?

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