Device Management

Smart Device Management

With all the new technology available today there are multiple ways devices can be managed. We still have our traditional Standard Operating Environment (SOE) however many organizations are looking to utilize the power of the Microsoft Azure platform to deploy and manage their devices.


For years, IT experts have been going through the pain staking task of configuring Windows OS on new devices. Windows AutoPilot is faster, reliable and is zero-touch when deploying Microsoft Windows 10 and applications to devices. AutoPilot and Windows 10 allows organizations to deploy domain joined devices which drastically reduces the effort involved on their IT teams. Applications are packaged and deployed using Intune and can be customized for specific users. The user only needs the new device, their credentials and an internet connection.


Intune is a cloud-based service that allows organizations with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy to remain productive all while still keeping your corporate data protected. The device does not need to be domain joined and yet can still be a completely managed device. Some benefits are; the ability to deploy business applications directly to the device and also make sure that when the device joins a particular network that it has the right security in place. Intune and BYOD give users the flexibility they want and still allow the organization to control software, licenses, data security and access.

Get the proper Device Managment for your business

We can manage and control your devices as per your requirements.

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