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Manufacturing Firm Gears Up for IT Support


The manufacturing company has experienced significant growth in the last few years. They are swiftly adapting to the fast-advancing, and highly competitive industry. 

We found that there are many challenges with respect to IT, and a lack of expertise in that area.The company needed our strategic expertise to help with escalating the IT efforts. They lacked the appropriate licensing from Microsoft 365. Their old servers were at the end-of-life stage and needed to be decommissioned. The lack of IT security needed to be worked on. There was a need for a better password management system, as passwords were previously sent using email and stored on excel sheets.


After a thorough IT review, and evaluating their requirements, here’s the plan and approach we went with. 

  • Completed an organization-wide IT audit. 
  • Designed and architectured IT solutions that were aligned with the business goals for the next 5 years. 
  • All users were provided with the appropriate licensing for Microsoft 365. It adds an additional layer of security for users and the organization. 
  • We re-strategized the network and removed obsolete networking equipment. A new network with a cloud management system was put in place to allow for better management and transparency.
  • Unused servers were decommissioned to minimize any vulnerabilities for the organization. 
  • We set up a password management system to help share and store passwords with high security.

As a result of the IT audit and the steps taken to set up IT solutions that matched the needs of the company, the performance of its security measures has improved significantly. We were able to handle password management and remove vulnerabilities from the existing network. They are able to keep up with the demands of the changing business environment and easily adapt to the scale at which the company is growing. 

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