Microsoft 365 Migration Services

Are you looking for ways to empower your small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with robust productivity, project management, data analytics, collaboration, and other top trending tools? Or are you looking for secure ways for file sharing and document storage? Or want to access your files from any smartphone or tablet and use synced files offline? – Well, with that said, your search ends here!

Cheers to your decision to Migrate to Microsoft 365!

Microsoft 365 allows remote teams to have simultaneous collaboration on different documents with numerous authors. You can easily store, backup, and share your files inside and outside your company.

With a Microsoft 365 Migration, you will have access to business-class email with large storage mailboxes, use your convention domain for email addresses, and advanced spam and malware protection.

What exactly is Microsoft Office 365 Migration?

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Microsoft 365 Migration allows you to run your small to mid-sized business smoothly while making applications accessible anywhere on any device. It will enable you to integrate Office 365 with your on-premises Exchange servers and other directory services. As a result, you can manage and synchronize user accounts for both environments.


With a hybrid migration, you can move mailboxes in and out of Exchange Online. The rising trend toward moving away from outdated legacy email environments to advanced Office 365 is revolutionizing how businesses work.

But there is much more to Microsoft 365 than email, Word, or Excel. With Microsoft 365 Migration, you can open applications anywhere from any device, allowing flexibility and making mobile work possible.

Opportunity for SMBs

With the arrival of Microsoft 365, small to medium-sized companies are now better at securing their data and digital workspace. This is undoubtedly a noteworthy development to make routine work everywhere much safer.

Now, with Microsoft 365 Migration, you can work at your convenience – at the office, on the move, or at home – and increase your business’s overall productivity. Plus, you can also benefit from its other collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams to support organization progress and enable digital transformation.

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Microsoft 365 Migration approach at Connected 360

  • Entire application portfolio optimization

  • Cloud migration strategies that are business-oriented

  • Customer account portfolio conversion from outdated systems to Office 365 mailboxes

  • Best-in-class architecture is employed to guarantee a smooth migration

Our Microsoft Office 365 migration services include:

  • Microsoft Exchange to Exchange Online / Office 365

  • Migration from other legacy platforms to Office 365

  • IMAP/ Exchange/ Online Google/ Office365

  • Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange / Office 365

  • G-Drive, Gmail, FileShare to OneDrive for business needs

Why Migrate to Microsoft Office 365?

The modern workforce wants to be able to deliver on their terms—any device, anywhere, at any time. Companies will need unified communication systems, messaging platforms, collaboration tools, and computing platforms to accomplish this. And how can you achieve this all? – Yes! By migrating to Office 365.

Connected 360, with 20 years of experience, assists small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in easily transitioning to Office 365 and leveraging the suite to improve employee performance and collaboration. Benefit from our extensive migration expertise, which employs time-tested best practices to manage your data and move to the cloud seamlessly.

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What would it cost to migrate to Office 365?

There is no exact or fixed price for Microsoft 365 migration. Different factors and aspects of your business play a significant role in estimating the cost of Office 365 migration. Key factors that affect your migration cost include the total number of users, the type of license you choose, your current email hosting, where your current mail is hosted, the number of mailboxes, and how many devices they use.

So, by considering the factors mentioned above, we can help you estimate your business’s total cost of Office 365 migration.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

Some of the benefits of migrating to Microsoft 365 are:

Access to instant upgrades and the latest features

Microsoft is committed to keeping your organization secure in the cloud. With fast updates for all Microsoft 365 solutions, you can escape the never-ending cycle of manually updating your company software and be confident that your network will not be susceptible to those attempting to exploit older software solutions.

You’ll also have early access to new features, allowing your staff to use innovative technology and solutions to increase their workload and productivity.

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Flexible working – work anytime, anywhere from any device

By migrating to Microsoft 365, your staff can access company data while being away from the office without setting up VPNs, saving time and effort. By migrating to the cloud, your employees may work from anywhere, as long as they have a steady internet connection – ideal for developing businesses seeking flexible working and increased productivity.

The days of e-mailing various copies of the same Excel document are over. Because all your files are stored in a Microsoft data center, there will always be a single data source. If you modify a document at home and examine the file in the office, your colleague will see the most recent version.

Keeps your business secured

Microsoft conducts frequent security audits, monitors its systems for suspicious activities, and has a robust incident response protocol. Microsoft 365 Exchange also provides the following security features:

  • Email protection from malware

  • Advanced antivirus signatures

  • Security measures for Microsoft Trustworthy Computing

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Data security and compliance

With GDPR being in effect, it is now more critical than ever that your company is data compliant. Microsoft 365 has been certified as ISO 27001 compliant, passed SAS70 Type I and II assessments, and earned the EU Safe Harbor seal, allowing you to rest assured that your company complies with data requirements.

Capabilities for increased collaboration

Companies can begin their cloud experience by providing employees with various collaboration tools, like group-based conversations, shared team sites, chats, video conferencing, and many more.

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More mailbox storage

Every company has an email hoarder. Whatever the nature of the email, it will remain in their inbox, even if it is spam or easily erased. This might cause problems for in-house servers, which may have their storage space taken up by outdated files that are no longer required for the current organization function.

Allow your staff to save their files and ensure that every email they receive is safely stored in the cloud due to Microsoft 365’s vast storage capacity.

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Does Microsoft 365 have a migration tool?

The SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) is Microsoft’s free and easy-to-use migration tool to help you migrate your content from on-premises SharePoint sites to Microsoft 365.

With SPMT, you can migrate your SharePoint Server sites to take advantage of the latest security solutions, intelligence, and collaboration in Microsoft 365. The current practical features in Microsoft SharePoint are specifically designed to be flexible, compelling, and performant.

Our Microsoft 365 all-inclusive migration services

Different small to medium-sized business (SMB) goals and infrastructure requirements demands different techniques of Office 365 migrations. Connected 360 has created a migration service package to assist customers in matching their specific needs before, during, and after the migration.

Our all-inclusive Microsoft 365 services include:

Account management and cloud license

We officially resell Microsoft 365 licenses and provide our customers with consolidated billing for the licenses and services. Plus, we handle Office 365 licenses and accounts, including adjusting alerts and notifications, account settings, changing subscription plans, and adding and removing licenses.

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A diagram showing a monitor, a tablet, a phone and a desktop computer all connected to the cloud

Incorporation with other cloud solutions

We can help integrate your new Microsoft 365 deployment with other cloud or on-premises applications after moving your solution to Office 365. Thanks to the integration, users of ERP, CRM, BI, project management, and other systems can collaborate in a well-organized and safe manner. Businesses can also use integration to consolidate content management and better control over cross-system organization activities.

Pre-migration activities

Before starting the migration process, we thoroughly examine your existing deployment to find and correct software inconsistencies and faults. We also assess the general structure of the current solution and eradicate any unnecessary components. We review material and user lists and remove outdated items.

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Post-migration training

We give training for corporate users and IT experts on how to administer and use the suite on different devices. We demonstrate how to secure the solution’s security, high user acceptance, and consistent performance in our training sessions for Microsoft 365 administrators.

Post-migration support

We will create a customized support plan based on your business’s needs, deployment complexity, and several active users to help you get the most out of Microsoft 365.

Our professional team is available to support our customers in the post-migration period, ensuring the viability of the migrated solution, extending its capabilities, and providing support to IT professionals and end users.

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Microsoft 365 Migration challenges, we're happy to solve!

Moving custom on-premises solutions can impede your cloud migration process. Connected 360 can easily handle failed migrations of custom solutions.

Mistakes in hybrid migration might result in authentication issues, synchronization concerns, and sluggish performance in both environments. We will assist you in avoiding these limitations and ensuring that users function without difficulty in a migrated hybrid solution.

Poor user adoption might ruin your project even if your transfer is successful. Our Office 365 migration advisors provide hands-on ideas on how to use Office 365 for collaboration, project management, and other activities to minimize the rejection of a new solution.

Many companies are concerned about security and compliance while migrating to Office 365. By choosing Connected 360 as your migration partner, you can rest assured that your cloud solutions comply with industry standards (ISO 27001, HIPAA BAA, FISMA, EUMC) and other corporate policies.

So, if you are being held back by migration issues, don’t hesitate to contact us to complete your migration swiftly and successfully.

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Still looking for the right partner for Office 365 Migration? – Your Migration will be a success with Connected 360!

We understand that Office 365 Migration is a critical strategic development that needs rebuilding your entire IT infrastructure and changing your approach to software management. With us, your migration will be a big success because:

We provide affordable services and charge customers based on the complexity of their project and the time required for accomplishment.

Our Office 365 migration experts have the essential technical expertise to handle any multifaceted organization requirements.

We guarantee migration projects get done within tight deadlines.

Schedule a meeting with us today, and we’ll be happy to help you choose the best Office 365 migration plan that works for your business!

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