Trusted and reliable networking solutions.

Connected 360 provides simple, responsive, and secure networking solutions to small businesses according to their IT needs. Our IT experts will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current networking infrastructure before designing a plan to increase your business productivity.

Whether you are looking for secure networking solutions, upgrading your existing network, or implementing a new one, our team can accelerate your transition and unleash your company’s full digital potential.

Our priorities as your networking solutions provider

Provide reliable networks and business communications solutions to help you get your work done efficiently.

Manage and secure your business networks and provide practical infrastructure solutions for your business's success.

Extend the range and reliability of wireless signals with smart Wifi-6 network solutions.

How can our networking solutions help accelerate your business

Connected 360 realizes your business goals and designs optimal solutions to make your business goals attainable. We help small businesses increase their operational performance with our network assessment techniques. After evaluating your entire infrastructure, our IT professionals highlight security risks and performance jams before designing a plan to streamline your entire network, optimize performance, and future-proof your investment.

Network Design and Implementation

At Connected 360, we help small to medium businesses increase their scalability and performance with our reliable network solutions.

  • We apply a methodical approach to network design and implementation to ensure you meet the demands of your hybrid working teams.
  • Our broad project management expertise can help you implement and integrate feasible solutions to your business.

Network Security with Firewall

We strengthen your business networks by setting up firewalls that limit unauthorized access to your network connections through the Intranet infrastructure. 

  • You can protect your business from potential hackers by blocking the entry of unauthorized websites with our simple network security solutions.
  • Our fireball solutions can allow you to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic and thus prevent impostors from accessing your systems.

Business Internet

We provide a high-quality business internet service to make the global marketplace more accessible and connected to your business.

  • Your business can be more flexible and adaptive to the rapidly-changing world with a reliable internet connection.
  • Our business internet solutions make communication easier and faster and allow faster information sharing.

Network Performance Management

We provide proactive solutions to help small businesses identify and minimize network performance issues with our simple network performance management.

  • We provide all-inclusive tools to help improve the performance of your business to prevent downtime and business losses.
  • With our network management performance, you can make better decisions on improving your business network’s performance.

Benefits you’ll get with our simple networking solutions

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