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Connected 360 helps small businesses revolutionize the way their organizations operate with simple and reliable remote working solutions. We believe that working together as a team no longer requires being in the same place. It only needs a successfully distributed workforce with modern and simple technology. Connected 360 ensures that your organization provides employees with the freedom to work from anywhere without affecting their productivity and efficiency.

We’ll be your remote work support partners.

Our priorities as your remote work solutions providers

We provide full support to your workforce to maintain your business continuity and deliver exceptional service.

We offer secure cloud-based connectivity solutions to help your business work remotely with no hassle.

We deliver all the tools you and your team need to work remotely and collaborate securely, productively, and effectively.

How can our Remote Work Solutions help grow your business

Connected 360 provides simple and timely solutions to help small businesses kick-start and adapt to remote work while staying productive. We effectively manage and secure your IT infrastructure and enable remote work for your widely distributed workforce. Our simplified  remote collaboration solution enables file synchronization between multiple linked devices, optimizing teamwork and cooperation. We bring peace of mind by providing reliable cloud backup solutions to avoid data losses while working remotely.

Application and Software Management

We help you choose and manage the right business applications and software. We also:

  • Reduce your risk of potential downtime and increase efficiency with application and software management.
  • Enable you to automate several complex processes, which otherwise take a lot of time.

Remote monitoring and management

Connected 360 can manage and monitor your workforce devices, networks, and endpoints so that you can have:

  • 24/7 real-time proactive monitoring and alert management before technical problems occur.
  • Improved security for the early detection of threats and reduced risk of data breaches.

Azure Virtual Desktop Services

You can best manage your specific needs with our azure virtual desktop services:

  • You can easily provide your employees with controlled and secured access to data.
  • Azure virtual desktop services offer you the flexibility to add or remove virtual desktops according to the specific needs of your workforce.

Protection For Your Remote Workforce

Connected 360 protects your remote workforce to help you grow with peace of mind. With our services, you can get:

  • Simple solutions to build a strong foundation for your remote work security policy.
  • Full support for your remote workforce to protect it from security vulnerabilities, password breaches, or cyber-attacks.

Benefits that you'll enjoy with our simple Remote Work Solutions

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