Remote collaboration solutions for your business

Connected 360 allows small businesses to connect to remote teams to make collaboration and communication simple and reliable. With the help of our advanced unified communication solutions, you can make successful sales conversions and resolve customer support inquiries effectively.

Get the right unified communication solutions and make an impact on your business partners.

Our priorities as your reliable unified communication provider

Providing effective unified communication services that can help you integrate and optimize all your business interactions, improving team collaboration and productivity.

Ensuring reliable unified communication and collaboration systems to help you grow your business.

Delivering secure and reliable VoIP connections and real-time call analytics to make data available and accessible to your entire business team.

How can our advanced unified communication services help your business?

Connected 360 provides unified communication solutions with advanced and remarkable features. The most dominant benefit you can get from a unified communication solution is flexibility and increased business scalability. 

We make your communications smooth by providing secure and efficient collaboration, video conferencing, instant team chatting, call analytics, voicemail to email transcription, and many more. So, small to medium-sized businesses can achieve a competitive edge by switching to our advanced unified communication and collaboration solutions.

Meeting Room Services

Connected 360 provides end-to-end meeting room services to support small businesses in having successful business meetings and conferences.

  • You’ll get simple solutions, including design, implementation, and setup of meeting rooms, ensuring efficiency and safety.
  • We take care of the AV elements, sourcing microphones, and installation of all necessary equipment for business meetings and conferences.

Collaboration and Conferencing

We offer simple collaboration and video conferencing solutions to small to medium-sized businesses according to their needs.

  • You can promote your business collaboration with our high-quality video conferencing solutions.
  • You can boost your business productivity and efficiency by saving time and travel expenses.

Cloud Phone Systems

Connected 360 aims to provide an authentic cloud phone system enabling small businesses to manage their communication services more efficiently and successfully. With us:

  • You can have a fully integrated communication system and top-line business features.
  • You can enjoy reliable business continuity, control over the mode of communication, and improved customer services.


Connected 360 provides advanced VoIP technology that allows small businesses to communicate effectively via phone through the Internet.

  • VoIP provides unified communications with increased business scalability and reliability.
  • Your business can have the opportunity to operate on a mobile scale with our advanced VoIP technology.

The top 5 benefits you can enjoy with our unified communication services

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